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7/1/2021 - Laura Bouchard

Cloud Document Conversion API

Here at Cloudmersive, we know how important it is to establish a professional and engaging platform. This means that we are always looking for more possibilities to automate and streamline processes and improve the overall experience for developers and users. To assist with this goal, we would like to introduce seven new document conversion APIs that will optimize the processing of HTML documents.

Append an HTML Tag to the HEAD Section

This function will allow you to add an HTML tag to the HEAD section of an HTML document.

Get the Language Code

With this, you can quickly retrieve the language code of an HTML document, such as ‘en’ (English) and ‘de’ (German).

Set the Language Code

Parallel to the above function, this function will allow you to set the language code of an HTML document; hundreds of country codes supported.

Get the Rel Canonical URL

This function provides a quick way to retrieve the rel canonical URL, or preferred URL, from an HTML document.

Set the Rel Canonical URL

In order to avoid duplicate content issues that can arise when the same content can be accessed from multiple URLs, this API allows you to set a rel canonical URL for an HTML document.

Get the Sitemap URL

This function will retrieve the sitemap URL from an HTML document which will provide you with information on each URL, such as when it was last updated and how relevant it is in relation to other site URLs.

Set the Sitemap URL

Our last function allows you to set the sitemap URL of an HTML document; this will assist search engines in locating all related URLs.

All of these APIs are available for use in our wide selection of programming languages and can be found in the Cloudmersive API Console.

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